Friday, December 11, 2015

the force awakens: half an inch makes all the difference

here is a theory about star wars the force awakens that i have being playing with: what if we have been lied to about the roles played by Adam Driver and Gwendoline Christie ?
Adam driver is 6 feet 2 and a half inches tall
Gwendoline Christie 6 feet 3 inches tall
What if instead of playing kylo ren he is in fact playing captain phasma and vice versa?
they are almost the same height and we have yet to see either character without their masks on. kylo ren has spoken in the trailers but its always heavily distorted. there have been grumblings online about captain phasma being female and not having armor that mad her look like a man.

what if everything so far has been disinformation to keep this twist a secret
and what if we don't find out the true til near the end of the movie?
Mind blown

Monday, January 12, 2015

20,000 hits

Its been just under12 months since my last post
Why so long?  I’m lazy.  No great adventure, I’m just lazy.  Couldn’t be bothered writing posts for my imaginary followers.  Now that might seem harsh but bear with me.
When I was last here I had just over 10,000 views.  Now I have just broken the 22,000 hits marker.
For doing nothing.
That’s 12,000 views in twelve months for doing nothing.
Not too sure what I should think of my blog getting more views for when I wasn’t posting

Thursday, January 2, 2014

new years: starting off fine

Many people believe that New Years day is when things change.  Some even think that how you start off that New Years effects how the rest of the year will unfold for you.
And this year I woke up to shit.  To be precise it was Dog shit.
A little back story might be in order…
Honey the dog has been sick since Boxing Day, after a four day stay at the animal hospital and a massive damage to my wallet she is home.  I’ve been waking up at all hours making sure she is alright, making special meals for her, cleaning up after her.  It’s like dealing with a new born baby.  A tiny fluffy baby.
She has been getting better and at new years I decided to stayed at home and keep an eye on her. 
She was ok at 1 am when I went to bed and I’ve been sleeping with one ear open.  Somehow she had gone downstairs without waking me and shat everywhere.  There is shit on the stairs, shit in the hallway, shit in the lunge room, a big pile of shit in the dining room, and a piddle of piss near the door.  At least she pissed on the tiles so its easy to clean up
Happy New Years everyone

Monday, December 2, 2013

i hate carols

As a rule I don’t like Christmas, to be accurate I don’t like Christmas shopping.  Not because of the horror of picking presents, I like that part.  Showing the people in my life how much I appreciate then by giving them items that I believe they need.  I don’t mind the way it has become so corporate: buy stuff to show your love, nor is it because after all these years I have never gotten what I truly wanted: time in a hot tub with a pair of supermodels.
It’s because of those damn carols.  Every year for 3-4 weeks every store in every mall blasts out the same tunes as each other.  There are no new carols, just the old ones done differently by someone else.  Songs that I have had to listen to every year for my whole life.
I’m tired of it. 
This is Australia god damn it and its summer.  Frosty the snowman wouldn’t last 10 minutes here, Rudolf and all the other reindeer would be shot and put on the BBQ, and I don’t want listen to a story about a teenage girl getting pregnant cause it 2013 and that happens All the time nowadays.
Just let me do my gift shopping in peace, I know what I want to get everyone and I don’t need the carols in the background constantly reminding me that it is Christmas, I can read a calendar.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

horrific short film

I just saw one of the most horrific short films ever made.
It’s a story about a girl and her boyfriend who both survive a plane crash in the jungle.  Wether one of them was the pilot or if there were any other passengers was never made clear.  All we know is that only these two survived and that he is a douche.
Said boyfriend leaves the wreckage of the plane and walks off into the jungle, not to be left behind in the girl follows him.  He promptly gets attacked and killed by a tiger right before her eyes.  Naturally the girl freaks out and runs while the tiger feasts.
Eventually she comes to some fresh water and has a drink, but it must not have been that fresh cause she soon starts to hallucinate.
Over time she adapts to her new surroundings: setting up shelter, finding food, even finding a cave and learning who to swing from tree to tree like Tarzan. In the end she has enough and tries to commit suicide by luring a tiger into a fenced off area with her inside and goads it into attacking by yelling at it. 
It does not attack her or kill her.
Its at this point She has a mental breakdown and proclaims herself queen of the jungle and the view gets to see the extent of her break from reality.

The name of this short film…
‘Roar’ by Katy Perry.

go watch it on youtube and tell me i'm wrong.

Monday, September 2, 2013

batfleck: an opinion

I would like to officially make my views known about ‘batfleck’ or Ben Affleck being cast as batman in the upcoming man of steel 2 film.
Why is this important? It’s not, I’m just one of the countless that thinks just because I have an opinion and an internet connection I can, nay must, share said opinion with the world.

Not my first choice, in fact I never would have considered him, but since he was picked I believe that he will do a great job.

A lot of people that believe as I do like to quote the basics: He has been acting since the mid 80s, he is a director , a writer, a producer and has 2 academy awards under his belt.  All that is true.
On the other end of the scale the people that recon he will do a bad job also quote basics: there was he time with J Lo, the films Gigi, Jersey Girl and Daredevil.  All this is true as well.
My faith in Bens acting abilities come from the simple fact since 95 he has been in at least one film every year.

One final thing you should all be aware of:  This film will do great no matter who is batman simply because people will go see it to see superman vs batman on the silver screen.